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3 reasons why decorating with natural materials works

05/04/2019 | Material
Natural materials such as stone, leather and timber add authenticity to an interior.

Natural surfaces add texture

Stone and timber just feel great. They have a subtle tactile element, particularly stone, which feels great underfoot, and is therefore ideal for bathroom floors. Leather sofas are comfortable to sit on, with a texture that only gets better as they age (and as they start to mould to your body). When thinking of accessories and decorative pieces, basketware is also a simple and inexpensive way to add textural touches and natural charm. Cane and rattan provide interest in a neutral palette, complementing timbers and bricks.

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They age well

While frequently more expensive than man-made materials, natural surfaces often last longer and age better. Leather sofas soften with use and scratches and marks becoming part of their appeal. Timber develops a lovely depth of colour over time, and if it becomes marked or stained, a simple sand or coat of paint can bring it back to life and freshen up its appearance. Stone can usually be scrubbed or washed with a high-pressure hose to be cleaned and any weathering often adds to its charm.

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They never go out of style

There is a reason why houses have been built of timber for centuries – wood has an eternal style and works with many different types of homes and in many different climates. Stone is equally as versatile – stone benches and floors are always in fashion and recent years have seen a huge growth in their popularity as more people embrace their classic good looks. Vintage pieces in natural materials will often still include their original coverings and still look good in a contemporary setting.

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