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Fine art stone products are made from natural stones, used as decorative details, bearing many spiritual and feng shui meanings ... such as tombs, stone mascots, Buddha statues, etc. Each type of stone will bring a different beauty and meaning, fabricated based on customer needs.

Truong Dat Stone is a prestigious stone production facility, ensuring the quality and durability of products, meeting the aesthetic criteria as well as the spiritual meaning of each product.

General characteristics of Fine art stone

Fine art stone is a line of stone used to fabricate and sculpt art works with special meanings. Fine art stone is often used with the desire to pray for luck, fortune, eliminate unlucky things, etc. Fine art stone can be molded into many works such as happiness, wealth and longevity statue, Buddha statue, dragon statue, lion statue, etc.

Fine art stone is usually natural stone such as white marble, blue stone, silicon stone, corundite stone, stripy limestone, etc.

Applications of Fine art stone

Fine art stone is increasingly applied more widely in life. If as before, fine art stone is only used for large construction works, which require fine tuning and sophistication, such as tombs, stone statues, etc., now they appear everywhere. Even in houses, fine art stone can be used to decorate tables, chairs, etc.

Truong Dat Company is proud to be the owner of highly skilled stone workers with fine art stone products that are sophisticated, high aesthetic but still ensure good durability. Truong Dat also receives stone fabrication according to customer requirements, bringing the highest satisfaction.

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