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Granite stone is a natural stone formed from magma, making up most of the Earth's continental crust. Granite stone is a form of intrusive stone, penetrating through other stones, so it has different stone crystal patterns, creating a strange, unique shape that attracts viewers. Granite stone has a massive and solid structure so it is widely used as construction stone, applied in interior and exterior design, bringing beauty to design space.

General characteristics of Granite stone:

Granite stone has a variety of colors and stone patterns with the following characteristics:
  • High rigidity, good bearing capacity
  • Low permeability
  • Easy construction
  • Smooth and glossy stone surface

Truong Dat Company's Granite stone is exploited at quarries in the Central region (Thanh Hoa, Nghe An), so it ensures durability and aesthetics. With moderate stone prices, it is selected and trusted by the majority of customers.  Moreover, TruongDat also takes the lead in importing quality granite from Spain, China, Italy, India ... and distributing to projects nationwide.

Applications of Granite stone

With aesthetics, good durability, the ability to withstand the impact of the environment and good friction, Granite stone is very flexibly applied in architectural works. In addition, moderate stone prices are also a factor that makes it more and more popular. Basically, Granite stone will be used in the following applications:
  • Floor tiling
  • Stair tiling
  • Wall, gate or facade tiling for commercial centers, apartment buildings
  • Countertop tiling
  • Swimming pool tiling
  • Yard tiling, etc.


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